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We’re experts in offering reliable underfloor heating service of the highest quality that you can always count on, including Underfloor Heating Repairs London. Our services are popular among families and businesses in London and nearby areas who want an efficient and non-intrusive way to heat their homes or offices. Say goodbye to bulky radiators and enjoy cost-effective heating with better air quality. Let us help you to achieve a warm and cozy space with our expert underfloor heating installation.

Underfloor Heating Types

  • Wet Underfloor Heating: This system uses a series of pipes connected to a manifold to heat a room from the bottom up. It’s efficient and provides a comfortable, even heat distribution.
  • Dry Underfloor Heating: If you prefer a system that warms up evenly, this network of wires under the floor is for you. It’s easy to install and maintain, and it doesn’t require any water.
  • Hydronic Underfloor Heating: This radiant heating system minimizes air movement, resulting in less dust circulation.
  • Electric Underfloor Heating: This system uses a thin heating wire that’s placed under the surface of your floor. It’s energy-efficient and easy to control, providing cozy and luxurious warmth.
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Underfloor Heating Expert Consultation

We have a team of skilled experts with more than 15 years of industry experience to assist you. Whether you need to understand your current heating system or determine the system you need, we can help. By leveraging the latest technology, we can quickly diagnose the exact issue and provide you with an accurate solution. Our typical repair turnaround time is between 1-3 days. Connect with us now to talk to one of our underfloor heating experts and receive a fast quote.


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