5 Myths about Underfloor Heating

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular, but there are still some misconceptions about it. In this blog post, we’ll debunk five common myths about underfloor heating to give you a clearer understanding of its benefits and versatility.

Myth #1: Underfloor Heating is Only for New Homes

Fact: This is a common misconception. While it’s true that underfloor heating is often included in the plans for new builds, it can also be installed in existing homes as part of a renovation project. Modern systems are designed to be adaptable, making it possible to retrofit underfloor heating into older properties without too much hassle.

Myth #2: It’s Too Expensive to Run

Fact: Many people assume that underfloor heating will be costly to operate. However, it can actually be more energy-efficient than traditional radiators. The system distributes heat more evenly, reducing the need for higher temperatures and potentially saving you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Myth #3: Installation is Disruptive and Messy

Fact: Nobody likes the idea of their home being turned upside down for an installation. Thankfully, modern underfloor heating systems are designed to be installed with minimal disruption. Advanced techniques and technologies have streamlined the process, making it quicker and less intrusive than you might expect.

Myth #4: Underfloor Heating Can’t Be Used with Carpets

Fact: Another misconception is that underfloor heating and carpets don’t mix. In reality, underfloor heating can be used with most types of flooring, including carpets. The key is to ensure that the carpet’s tog value is suitable for underfloor heating, allowing for efficient heat transfer.

Myth #5: It Takes Too Long to Heat Up

Fact: Some people worry that underfloor heating systems take a long time to warm up. While it’s true that they may take a little longer to reach the desired temperature initially, they are very efficient at maintaining that warmth. Once up to temperature, underfloor heating can heat up rooms quickly and keep them cosy for longer periods, thanks to its even heat distribution.


Underfloor heating is a versatile and efficient heating solution that can be adapted to a variety of home settings. Don’t let these myths deter you from considering this comfortable and cost-effective option for your home.