Underfloor heating is a popular heating solution in and around London, UK, but one common question that arises is whether it works effectively with carpeted floors. The good news is that underfloor heating is compatible with carpet, provided certain considerations are taken into account.

When it comes to carpet selection, it is crucial to choose a carpet with a low thermal resistance or TOG rating. The TOG rating measures the insulation properties of the carpet, and for optimal heat transfer, it is recommended to select a carpet with a rating of 1.5 or lower. Carpets with higher TOG ratings can act as insulators, impeding the heat from radiating into the room effectively.

It is also essential to ensure the carpet is properly installed. It should be well-fitted and not too thick, as this can restrict the heat transfer. It is advisable to consult with professionals experienced in underfloor heating installation to ensure the carpet and underlay are suitable for use with the system.

It’s worth noting that while underfloor heating can effectively warm a carpeted room, the heat output might be slightly reduced compared to rooms with hard flooring surfaces. However, this can be compensated by adjusting the temperature settings accordingly.

In conclusion, underfloor heating can work successfully with carpeted floors, provided the right carpet and underlay are chosen and properly installed. By following these guidelines, homeowners in London can enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating while maintaining the comfort and aesthetic appeal of carpeted areas in their homes.

does underfloor heating work with carpet


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